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A finance department for SMEs

Taking on the burden of managing business finances and in return providing more insight and time to grow.




Day-to-day bookkeeping

Peace of mind the basics are taken care of without fuss. Allows everything else to be layered on top.


Cash flow management

Lack of cash can kill a business. Know in advance of potential problems so action can be taken.


Management reporting

Regular tailored reporting. Know exactly how the business is performing.



Don’t drive with just a rearview mirror; look forward and plan ahead. But this isn’t once a year forecasting, revisit regularly and adapt to changing circumstances.


KPI dashboards

Up-to-date, one-page, visual representation of the key numbers in the business.


CFO advice

Experienced advice to help navigate those big financial decisions.

Thina Financial provides...

Peace of mind. It's no secret that business finances can cause stress. Rest assured that everything is being kept up to date and accurate.

Financial insight. Don’t keep the books simply to appease HMRC. Use your financial data to analyse, plan and grow.

Experience without the cost. Unlock access to experienced financial professionals without the cost of employing them full time.

The certainty of a fixed fee. All our services provided for an agreed-upon monthly fixed fee. 

Financial Report


Our services are always tailored to the specific requirements of each business. Below are some sample packages.


Day-to-day bookkeeping


Credit control

Supplier pay runs

VAT returns

Bespoke monthly management reports

From £499 + VAT per month

Future focused

Everything in Up-to-date

Cash flow forecasting

KPI dashboard

Regular forecasting sessions

CFO advice

From £899 + VAT per month


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